Please help me find SBW 241 VX09-C firmware



Hi All.

I have made a stupid mistake and flashed my combo drive with a new firmware without backing up the old firmware.:confused:

It now seems that the new firmware is not compatible with my drive.:eek:

Can any kind sole who has an unmodified copy of QSI SBW 241 VX09-C firmware please e-mail me a copy :bow: or post the url to obtain a copy.

This drive is in a Fujitsu Amilo D 8820

I would be forever in your debt if you could help me. :bow:




Why do you say the new firmware isn’t compatible? What happened to the drive when you flashed it?



Thanks so much for your quick response.

I flashed it with EX09-9 (patched VX09-9) to make it region free.

The drive flashed without any problems at all…but!!

I am now having problems reading DVD-R.

I have tried to flash it again but the problems still remain.

I dont know if EX09-9/VX09-9 is an updated firmware for the QSI SBW 241 drive or if is for a completly different combo drive.

This is why I want to go back to my original firmware.

My original firmware according to the label on the drive was VX09-C




Early QSI drives like the SBW-081 and SBW-241 aren’t very good at reading DVD Recordable discs from what I’ve read… The SBW-242 has no problem with it though.

I don’t think that flashing back would be a solution, are you sure that your drive read the discs before?



Good point about…reading the DVD’s before…errrr…honestly…I dont know.

When some dvd-r’s are inserted the drive makes a strange sort of noise as though the head is hitting the stop and is struggling to read the disk.

VCD’s and SVCD’s play fine every time.

retail dvd’s play OK every time…its just certain dvd-r’s that wont play…most of the time even if they do play they pause every 5 mins or so for about 10 seconds and then resume…what would cause that.?

Any more clues/help?




Hi… I’ve a SBW-241 on my Compaq Presario 2510EA and I confirm you that it doesn’t read dvds almost at all… I’ve flashed it with the new firmware but nothing happened, in fact the new firmware corrects only a bug to make you able to burn high speed media.
You could try the new VX11 firmware that is the latest one but in my opinion I suppose that all the SBW-241 are not able to read burned dvds because I think that their lens have been projected to read only printed dvds. The burned dvds have their tracks smaller and the len is not so precise.
But if you find a solution please tell me.

For the latest firmware go to:
and choice the VX11… The other ones are for Sony or Compaq (in fact I have the VH07 for my Compaq).
Don’t go on the etna QSI page because there are not original firmwares.
If you want to make every dvd drive region free use the program anydvd.

After you’ve tried the VX11 version please tell me if you solved the problem and if you need the anydvd software tell me your email.