Please help me figure out what is wrong with my CD-R

Hi, the other day I opened up my cd-r drive, I didn’t damage anything, but now the light on the front just keep flashing, and the tray won’t open, also the cd-r laser doesn’t respond. Iv done a firmware update after this happened and it updated fine, but it still won’ work. Is this problem fixable?

Why did you opened the drive? Check the IDE cable. Test the drive with another PC.

I thought the drive would open, with just the power lead… I didn’t kinow I had to put the wide-head type cable to make it just open its draw?

The drive tray should open with just power, doesn’t require the ribbon cable connected. Looks like it’s new drive time, what the hell you can buy 'em for $15.00 or so…

mmm… Only the trey seems to be broken, it sticks out u see, and won’t close completely, I havn’t broken anything inside the drive. So it should work fine.

Sounds like when you pulled out the tray you either broke a few teeth off the gear or it has jump forward a few teeth. You can take the casing off and try to line it back up if nothing’s broke…

The case is off atm, the gears are gonna be hard to get to though, so its to do with the gears, do u think? is that why the laser head doesn’t respond, and the light on the front just keeps flashing.