Please help me dvd writing problems

i am in need of a good dvd writing software. The one I have now is nero 6, but some of my video files are in the .avi form. When i tried to convert them with winavi it not only took forever but it also didnt work. If someone knows of a better dvd writing software it would really help me out. Thanx.

download FOR FREE dvd shrink and dvd decryptor, ( they often come together in a .RAR file) the work well and one starts after the other is done you dont need a que to tell you its time to start the other, theres really good instructions for using it here, (its simple dont be scared by all the functions) and Ill dig them up or you can search for my well loved thread “the new firmware is garbage” its in the first page or so of that thread (the links for the progs. too)

They were posted on here somewhere and are totally idiot proof… Well me proof anyway, some would say not much difference. Happy burning.

What exactly does the DVD Decrypter do that DVD Shrink doesn’t do? Right now I am only using DVD Shrink and Nero which work hand in hand. I had used DVD Decrypter before but when I went to burn the DVD after DVD Shrink I only got the movie and no menus or anything. Am I doing this wrong?

if you use dvdd to rip the film to your hd first it puts less wear and tear on your reader.

I’m not sure it will work beter but nero can encode some avi files to dvd. In smart start click make your own dvd video and it will open nero vision express which can convert some avi files and can make basic menues. Tmpgenc seems to be considered a good program for the conversion process too. Reguardless of what program you use, plan on it taking a LLLOOONNNGGG time. This is one area where a fast computer really helps. I can sympathise. It really sucks to have the computer run for hours converting just to have it fail. You are not the only one this has happended to. There are so many avi codecs that about all you can do is try diffrent programs till you find one that works with your files. Thats been my experience anyway.