Please help me dvd r problems

I have a toshiba dvd-rom sd-r5002 and no matter what programs I use I can not burn to dvds I have tryed dvd+r, dvd-r,dvd+rw,dvd-rws.
it will not even let me make dvd back up disks of dvd movies or just back up disks for my computer.I have a fairly new vaio computer so it’s not a proseser prob. I have a butt load of ram so thats not the drive will play dvds and games but will not record on to any dvds.please help me.I use windows xp.if any one can help please email me at


so you cannot burn anything with this drive? Have you tried using windows native burning software? What is the error message you get when you try to burn with it, or can you not even select it to burn? Have you tried upgrading the firmware and/or checked all cables, DMA enabled etc etc