Please help me decide which software - burning scenes from dvd

I have a bunch of family dvd’s - and I would like to copy only certain scenes from each dvd - so in other words I only want chapter 2 and 6 from dvd # 1 and then I want chapter 5 and 10 from dvd # 2.

Then I want to burn all the 4 scenes on a dvd.

What is the best way of doing this?
I don’t mind having to purchase any software - I just don’t want to regret doing so.
Thank you guys for all your help :wink:

DVD shrink can extract clips from a DVD. Use ‘Reauthor’ mode. I’m not sure if it can take clips from multiple DVDs though.

I know…but I want to preserve the quality - I have HDTV - and I truly want to keep the quality - I mean I don’t want to be able to tell the difference between the original and the “Shrunk” image…

How is the quality with DVD shrink?

As long as you don’t shrink below 70%, you won’t see any difference. The more you shrink, the less the quality, but that’s true of any program you’ll find.

Although some consider it too antiquated now, I find DVD Shrink to have a versatility that most of the newer programs don’t.

I personally run AnyDVD with it, and sometimes use CloneDVD2.

As for putting files from several DVDs on it, save the discs as ISO files (using something like DVD Decrypter or similar) to your hard drive. Then, using DVDShrink, go to File -> Open Disc Image -> and drag the file that you want over to the left. When you’re done with that file, go back to File and do it all over again. There are excellent guides out there - Scuba Pete, Mr. Bass et al…

There are lots of proggies out there, but this one’s still pretty good! And it’s free. That’s always nice!

Good luck!