Please help me choose the right Taiyo Yuden media!

So after recently reading through tons of threads in here, I got worried about my TDK (Imation) DVD-R backups, and before all goes to hell I decided to save everything that’s still readable without CRC error to proper Taiyo Yuden media. I plan to burn them with a Sony Optiarc 7260S - hope that’s ok?

Theres only one place in Switzerland with choice. However that’s 7 different options, and I am absolutely clueless as to what I need to choose. I don’t want to lightscribe or print to them. However I’d like to write on them with a marker.

Here’s what I can get (I’m translating the description from german to english without being very good at german…)

DVD-R47SPT60 - Sieb- / thermo-transfer- / thermo-re-transfer printing (like Rimage Everest or Teac) / Microdry printing, cheapest of all (0.45)
DVDR47WPPA60 - printable full surface, 0.84
DVD-R47SPP60 - inkjet printable with cover on the full surface, 0.84
DVD-R47ZZ100 - this says "for thermo-transfer printing and handwriting, no overprinted cover, 0.84
DVD-R47WPT60 - no info given, 0.84
DVDR47WPPSB - watershield printable, more expensive than the others (1.14)
J-DMR47WPPWS2-SB - watershield printable, also more expensive (1.14)

From my understanding, the R47ZZ100 might by the most suited one? What about the other ones with a surface though, isn’t it better to have one? Seems strange to write directly on the disc, instead of having a surface doesn’t it?

Is TYG03 ok should I go with TYG02 instead? DVD-R47ZZ100 is available in both 16x (TYG03) and 8x (TYG02)