Please Help me choose one among the following DVD Writers

Hi guys,
This is my first post…I previously had a SAMSUNG TS-H552U…one stupid drive…lens gone and stepper motor also gone…now i have planned to buy a new one.I enquired shops in my area and most of them have one among the following.Please tell me which one to buy

1.BenQ DW 1670
2.LG GSA H-10N
3.Lite ON 165H6S

       Please help me choose one friends..I am in a great confusion

Lite-On all the way. I have one, that model, and really, really like it.

The LiteOn or the LG, whichever’s cheaper :smiley:

Bear in mind though, the LG doesn’t offer quality scanning :wink:

Hey also tell me this friends…Does this BenQ DW 1670 support all features of the BenQ Q-suite?

not all for now

Just go for the Lite-ON 165H6S