Please help me choose cd-r for backing up ps2 games

I found the following brands but not sure which to get.

52x Ritek RiData
52x Philips
52x TDK

Which is better? and can’t seem to find any lower speeds than 52x in my store.

I haven’t had any problems with Imation CD-Rs for my PS2 DVD rips.

But out of those three brands you’ve posted, I’d probably go for the TDKs.

Ritek is most likely better, as TDK is a mixed bag (CMC, MBI) and Philips can also be either Ritek or CMC…

Jesus Christ, I can’t even find where to start a new post! Help, please.

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Okay I saw a 52x Verbatim which I believe everyone likes, but its “Inkjet printable cd-r”, does that matter when burning ps2 games?

whats does it mean inkjet printable?

It means that the top side (label side) of the disc has a coating that can absorb ink from an inkjet printer, and this makes it possible to print a label to the disc if you have a printer capable of printing to CD/DVD media.

Whether or not the top surface is printable doesn’t matter to the drive reading or burning the disc.

Thanks, I see the icon now. I had my pop up blocker set too high.