Please help me choose a secondary drive

I’m looking to purchase a secondary drive that I’ll only be using for CD burning tasks.
I had to decide between the Lite-On combo drive and three Plextor drives.
I originally went with the Lite-On drive, the logical choice, since it is the best value;
an excellent drive, made by a very reputable company, at a very nice price.
Unfortunately, a week after I bought it I returned it for a full refund.
The noise that drive made was just unbearable; even while reading. :Z
So now I have to decide between the following three Plextor drives:

[list=A]Plextor PX-716SA
[li]Plextor PX-712SA
[/li][li]Plextor PlexWriter Premium[/list]
[/li]I would just like to know two things:

[ol]Is any one of these drives substantially better than the other two at burning and ripping CDs?
[li]Is any one of these drives considerably more silent than the other two?[/ol]
[/li]While answering these questions,
please keep in mind that I will be using this drive for CD burning purposes only.
Therefore, please disregard any DVD related advantages or disadvantages,
unless they have a direct or indirect effect on the CD burning/ripping functionality of the drive.
And finally, price is not an issue at all.
So please disregard any price related advantages or disadvantages.

I hope I was clear and concise enough for you guys to be able to help me without going through too much trouble.
Thank you all very much for your time and attention.
I look forward to your replies. :slight_smile:

one word: Premium

they released a new FW for it (though dated end of '04).