Please help me choose a DVD Recorder that accepts DV Input from a Computer

I made a mistake of buying a Panasonic DVD Recording Deck with DV Input without realizing it would not work by connecting it to my mac via firewire. Without an actual DV tape running, the input is dead, likewise, the computer does not recognize any sort of device being connected.

I’ve read the Pioneer decks can accept a DV signal from a computer, but don’t see any I can afford. Likewise I know an older, unavailable Panasonic model T3040 works from what I read, but I don’t know of any others. Anybody know an affordable DVD Recorder that has a DV input that is able to read a DV signal from a computer?

As for what I’m trying to achieve-- I edit on Final Cut Pro and need a real-time dvd creation solution. I can’t encode/burn a dvd on the mac itself because it is far too old and my content is quite long, making the encoding process impossibly long. I don’t want to have to degrade the signal by going through a DV deck and then into the DVD Recorder via S-Video. Likewise I don’t have the time or ability to dump the 2 hour segments to DV tape first in real time and then dub the dv tape via firewire to the dvd recorder in real time. Does that make sense? There has to be an affordable way of recording a dvd in real time directly from a computer DV feed, hasn’t there?

Any help would be SO APPRECIATED!!


Maybe someone that hasn’t checked new posts
lately will see this and have an answer.
So far it’s not looking too good. :disagree:

Only thing I ever found was the 4 decks made by Pioneer a while back 310,320,510,520 that had full DV in and out. They’re getting next to impossible to find.

Some people have made drivers for pc’s to read a lot of new inexpensive decks, but no one for mac so I had to get one of the pioneers.