Please help me: Can't read multi-session DVD -/+ R in Win98se



Hi peeps,

I am using win98se as my OS and found that i could only read the first session the multi-session DVDs I have burnt.

My DVD-rom is LG 8162B.

Is there anyway around it, save for using ISObuster to extract the data?

ASPI or some other .dll I am supposed to install perhas?

I have tried upgrading to Winxp, however, it has proven to be very frustrating to work with. And thus prefer to stick with win98se.

Any help rendered is greatly appreciated.


Nero shows warning with something about before starting burn of first session on multisession dvd. AFAIK WinXP is very customizable, so you should be able to make it looks like 98 :slight_smile:
And, just my experience: Win2000 SP4 reads multisession dvd, but I have only dvd-rw drive (no plain dvd-rom). Of course, I has installed all patches and fixes for W2k.
Maybe this info will helps…