Please help me. Cant back up in Clone CD!

Some time ago I burned some movies I had using Fireburner (bin/cue images)

I now want to back these up onto new CD’s and I have always used Clone CD to do it from the CD as due to hard drive space I have deleted the bin/cue images.

This has always worked fine but I am stuck with half a dozen or so movies that I Ca not back up. When Clone CD reads the source CD it sticks around 90% and I guess this is because when it checks the CD it says it is 85 mins or 90 mins which is obviously impossible because my movies are all on 80 min CDR’s.

The same thing happens in all the other software I have tried including Nero and Disk Juggler. Is there any way I can extract the files from the CD and then convert them to bin/cue or any other method. I don’t understand why all the software is saying the image created will not fit on an 80 min CD when it is reading it from an 80 min CD!!

Sorry for the long post but I am desperate!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

are you able to actually rip an ISO of the CD to the hard drive? if so then do that and use a program called ‘WinISO’ or ‘ISOBuster’ that can extract the data you want from the image file… you can then use WinISO to create a new disc image in the .bin format so that you can burn it back to CD.

if this is not of any help then then say :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help but I am unable to actually rip an ISO. The problem is when the CD is reading and trying to create the ISO.

It is as if Clone CD thinks there is more data on there than possible and can not create an image because it says the image will not fit on a blank CD

Why not just use nero? The cds aren’t copy protected.

I tried Nero along with loads of other software and it does the same as Clone CD, stops after around 90% and says in can’t create image as it will be too big. I think it is reading information from the CD that is simply not there!

Maybe I have set something wrong because it does the same with about another 4 or 5 movies I have