Please help me burn home video dvd

Ok, I am completely frustrated and cant figure out what Im doing wrong. I have video shot with my camera. It is saved in AVI format. I simply want to burn the video to a DVD for watching on my player.

I use nero express, but when I go to add the video, it says its not supported. I have used Any Video Recorder to translate the AVI into PAL, NTSC, and WMV formats. I get the same message from Nero.

What the heck am I doing wrong? I dont remember this being this complicated.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I don’t use Ner0 express, but it seems you’re wanting to burn an avi file straight to DVD disc and nero expects a DVD(mpeg2) source file…Try converting to DVD format by using something like DVDflick or ConvertxtoDVD, AVStoDVD etc.
That said, if your player supports Xvid/Divx, AVIs then simply burn a DATA disc…

Thank you for responding. I converted it to a mpeg but nero apparently doesnt like that format either.

It looks like it wants bup, vob, or ifo. How do I convert to one of these formats??

The only time I see this is when I rip dvd’s to back them up on my hard drive.

Any suggestions on the questions above? Or, what is a better and FREE burner that can convert other types of files? I use nero because thats what came pre-installed.

I already suggested a few avi to DVD converting apps…DVDflick(free), AVStoDVD(free), FAVC(free), CXD(Trialware)…
Try them out…Good luck!

DVD Flick did the trick. Thanks.