Please help me before I throw my Yamaha burner into the trash!



Hi to all,

Just got my Yahama 24X Cd burner yesterday afternoon. I connect it up to my Windows XP PC and upgrade its firmware from 1.0b to 1.0d and also install the latest version of Nero InCD 3.24.3

Adfter reboot my PC, I inset the Yamaha CDRW into my burner and lick on format on my InCD. However, I got the following error code during the formatting process


So I do a full erase of the Yamaha CDRW and use InCD and try to do the format, no luck so far. Then I try to use the AOpen CDRW, I still get the same error.

So should I stick around with a burner that cannnot give the joy of using Mount Rainer new standard or just RMA it ?

Please advise.


I guess you have tried different CD-RW discs already?

Disabling the built in burning feature in Windows XP may also be a great idea. And disable autorun.


Hi OC-Freak,

Thanks for your suggestion and may I know how can I turn off the “Auto Play” feature of my burner.


Mystery resolved:

According to the article at CD-RW Central -Yamaha release new 1.0d firmware for CRW3200 Series, it states that the CD-MRW supported version of InCD cannot be installed on Windows NT4.0, 2000 Professional and XP.

That’s why I am keep that all that error message. Luckily I did not RMA or return my burner to the Dealer yet.

Lucky me !