Please help me before I go crazy... dvd drive no longer accessible

Dear forum members,

I recently purchased an LG GSA 4081B dvd writer last week.

The drive was working fine the last couple of days but after installing AnyDVD a couple of hours ago, I can no longer access my drive :frowning:

When I turn on my computer, I can see the dvd led light go on briefly. Once windows is all booted up and I log into explorer, I can see my DVD drive letter but when I click on it, it can’t read the contents on any of my discs (cd or dvd) and I get an error that says “Drive is not accessible, Device is not ready”.

What’s strange is that when i insert a disc, the led lights do go off and I can hear the disc spin (though not as long as it normally does when it is reading).

When I open nero and try to burn a dvd or cd, the bottom status bar says “waiting for drive to become ready” but it never does (the lights do not turn on at this time).

I have a feeling this problem may have to do with anydvd since it happened immediately after install. I also had clonedvd installed but I uninstalled both and still have these problems.

Could someone please offer some help on this???

I have the same issue. I originally put it down to hardware errors and took the drive apart, thumped it a bit and it worked. However, that was out of frustration and curiousity. So, that’s not to recommend you do it. I’m somewhat glad someone else is experiencing this trouble (don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for you too) but if you do come across a solution, please also let me know!


Same problem here, but i’ve made a firmware update to 1.041 :frowning:
I’ll try from DOS :smiley:

Ok, is not working !

I cannto read any CDRW, DVDRW but i can read original DVD’s with powerDVD, so the drive is not broken from the firmware update…

Ideeas ?