Please help me anyone i have ahuge problem with my lite-on

first of all hello everyone i’m a “cough” newbie to this forum and i have one hell of a problem. I have a LITE-ON_DVDR-RW_1635S F/W:YS06 but now it says…


this is what i did…

i put in tenacious d 2nd dvd the concert disc the file size of the disc was 8.2gigs so automatically i went to dvd shrink to make an image it got to 13% then said copy protection error

i thought fair enough then went to dvd decrypter and it wouldnt even look at it then i saw the new hardware icon down the bottom said found new hardware LITE-ON’ DVDRW’ SHWm1v3uS’ and thats the end of that. I did a reboot and went into dos and my nightmare was true this copy protection FLASHED my bios in the cdrom and i am now stuck with this thing i cannot do anything no disc will pick up no disc will spin nothing nudda please help me get my burner back any help is greatly appreciated as i need my burner hella bad thankyou

i got touched by an angel the dvd burner picked up in the eeprom utility and i clicked restore as soon as it did got me burner back a hardcore copy protection defeated main way to kill it requires patience as it takes the program to pick up theres a liteon there being a scrambled fuked up bios it replaces it with

this is why it is always good to have a bios bin file handy for your cd-dvd rom/burner you never know when this will happen to you. Trust me i wasnt expecting this.

So problem fixed?

yes mate it’s all good actually it works even better than it did before