Please help me analyze these scans

I know you’re supposed to use a Liteon DVD burner to test quality, but I also read that you can use a dvd-rom drive but you can’t compare it to others…but I think you can still compare different media in the same drive right?
So I tested some Memorex DVD+R 4X disks (they are probably rebadged Ritek 4x DVD+R’s but I’m not sure), and I tested Ritek G05 8X disks.
Both were burned at 4x using my Nec 1300A with 1.09 firmware

It seems to me that the DVD+R burned a lot better…can I make that determination from these results?


Hi – comparing the 2 scans is a bit difficult - you’ve scanned one @ 6x and the other at maximum.
Generally folks here do all of their scans @4x. Naturally the number of errors reported increases if you scan it at a higher speed.

Also the 2nd disc is only 2900 MB while the 1st one is nearly full. Am not sure if it impacts the scans- but it will definitely make it easier to compare if the variables are less.

Is it possible for you to scan again - both @4x and with about the same (or similar) content?


Its odd, but this program (cd-dvd speed 3.0) only seems to give me a choice of 6x or maximum :slight_smile:
I will burn another Ritek disk with more data so it fills the disk and rescan it at 6x
Thanks for the suggestions.

Hmmm … I picked up that “use 4x for scanning thingy” from the basic rules of posting kProbe scans here :slight_smile:

Didn’t know that DVDSpeed doesn’t give you 4x. Are you using a LiteOn-DVD ROM for this ?
Then maybe you can try using kProbe2 and see if you scan at 4x ??