Please Help Me.....all Xperts, Or Any 1!

First Off, This Is My First Time On The Board, And I Must Say After Watching The Board For A While, I’m Very Impressed W/the Info And The Brotherhood In Which U Receive Help.
Now… My Problem(s)…

  1. I Download Movies Off Of Limewire 4.8.
  2. I Can Never Burn Movies To A Dvd Disc (dvd+r) (hypermedia)
  3. Can Anyone Please Give Me The Easiest, And Fastest Way To Convert And Burn These D@mn Movies Please.

I’ve Tried Dvd Santa But It Only Gave Me The Demo Version And The Demo Version Only Converted The 1st 5min Of The Movie.

All Advice Is The Greatest!!! Thanx And Once Again…love The Board

You pirate movies from limewire (illegal, and against forum rules) but you CAN’T find pirated versions of DVD software?

Your thread will shortly be locked, as soon as one of the mods notices it. :frowning:

i’m new to this, where do u go to get movies from? someone told me about limewire and that it was free. is there a better site to goto?

Did you not get the message from Gurm?

Whether the members here download illegal software, movies etc they don’t talk about it as , as already stated, it’s against the rules here.

So don’t ask questions about illegal activities.

Lol, This guy’s hilarious! What an idiot.

Ok, dude
this is what u do

go to

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hey furgaan, you’re a f#@ckin idiot!! u sure you’re name ain’t fagaan. I apologize for the illegal talk but name callin is out of the question.

People settle down.

  1. Not all movies downloaded from P2P sites are illegal. It could be a freely avalible movie about soemthing. Unless someones says “I downloaded LOTR, How do I burn this?” the assumption is given.
  2. Flaming people is out of the question. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. People will be PMed about this.
  3. Illegal software requests are not permitted. Please don’t do this.

Thank you for looking out for this site regarding rules being broken but instead of flaming the user and so forth please use the “Report Bad Post” button and let a mod handle it.

Hi knucklehead1!

Could you provice us with some more information? For example, are you trying to burn the movies directly to a DVD (data backup) or do you want to convert them to a DVD Video format before burning them (for a standalone DVD-player)? What format are the movies? (i.e. AVI (dvix or xvid or…), MPG (VCD, SVCD), ASF, etc.) Which burner do you have and which program do you use for burning?

We’re all willing to help, but we need more info in order to be able to.

Yes, we are wiling to help good point womler.

video files such as you have most often need to be converted to mpeg2 dvd compliant videos files first. arguably the easiest & fastest way is to use nerovision express in make dvd video mode. add files, go through the screens/steps, it’s very easy if you have just started this sort of thing.

The files i have are in avi format. This also may be the problem, i’m trying to play the dvd’s on my xbox. will that make a difference!! i have dvd santa, and just tried to convert a file(s) then burn them. when i put it in the xbox didn’t even recognize it?? What am i doing wrong. You guys are awesome, all input is greatly appriciated!!!

AVI files are not playable on a standalone DVD player (unless you have one that can handle divx/xvid). Therefore, you have to make your videofiles DVD video compliant, as G)-(osters already pointed out. One way to do this is with NeroVision Express. Anther way (my way) is to do this with TMPGEnc.

The Xbox can be tricky. For DVD movies you’ll only be able to play those that match the equipment - by this I mean if you’ve a NSTC one you probably can’t play PAL movies & vice versa. Only chipped boxes can cope with the differing formats but you still need the correct video controller. PAL frame rate is 25fps , any other rates are NSTC.
So firstly check the frame rate of the AVI file , Gspot is useful here. This you’ll need to consider when converting a movie file. I’ve not done PAL to NSTC or NSTC to PAL but I think the guides/tutorials in the Video Software forum will cover this.

The other thing about the Xbox is that on earlier ones only -R media would be recognised unless it was chipped. I think this changed on later ones but I’m not sure. With +R media you’ll need to bitset to DVD-ROM to ensure compatibility.