Please Help. Maxtor 3200 Won't Power On



i have a maxtor 3200. it is a 160 gb. recently i was dumb enough to try and power it on with my dell cord. than today when i tried with the regular cord, the led was flashing…after numerous attempts, the led doesnt show at all…

i have pictures and music from the last 4 years on this.

what should i do?!?!



Is it an external drive?

You may be able to open the drive up, and plug the hard drive inside directly into another computer.


did that, started smokin…so with the guy i talked with gonna order a new pcb unit for the hard driveexternal and going to do that than transfer from old hd to the new one i bought today…320 mb tobisha.

thanks man.


good luck!


I need to restore my back up date from a portable hard drive back to my computer bugt have no idea how to perform the task. Please HELP