Please Help - LiteOn 812S broke

One day I accidently dropped something on the tray when it was open. I tried to push it back in forcefully but did not go in. I tried harder and it went in but did not close completely. I did not break any part. A friend of mine opened the drive and fixed so that tray goes in/out without any problem by pressing eject button, but real problem started after that. Drive LED flashes two times every five second and won’t read any disk. BIOS recognizes the drive SOHW-812S but won’t work at all.
I opned it and hooked it up to the computer IDE and power to observe and what I see is drive mechanism goes up and down but disk won’t spin. Few times I tried to press on disk and then LASER fired on and disk started spinning. I was able to update firmware to US0Q also but after that problem is still there, of not reading the disk. Now LED flashes 5 times every 2 seconds after firmware upgrade.
Is the anyway to fix this? Please help me as I don’t want to loose this drive away so easy.
I am using WinXP, ASUS A7N8 Deluxe, 1GHZ AMD Athlon 512MB.
Drive Model SOHW812S FW US0Q

I am afraid you might have to say goodbye to your 812. It sounds like something is misaligned.

I wouldn’t feel bad. I retired my 812 a while ago and have not regretted it in the least. Look for the Liteon 1693 at for around $40. It does all your 812 did and burns about 1000 times better.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am sure that something is misaligned but I am trying to find out what is misaligned if some has the same problem.