Please help LG GSA-H10A/DVR108

OK PLEASE HELP i am burning on 8x Datawrite disks i have the cd/dvd speed thing in the screen shot. nero cannot finalise the disk and it only writes at 6x. i just changed from a pioneer dvr-108 becasue it was giving me the same probe to the lg GSA-H10A which was meant to be a 4167!! i have tried about 10 disks now and all of them fail please help what is wrong??

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If two drives have the same problem with the same media, you should try other media.
Your current CMC MAG AE1 disks might have a problem at the end of the disk, burn e.g. 3 GB to see if this works. Check your disks for physical damage at the outer part.

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First, please edit the log file you posted and remove your Nero serial number. Some unscrupulous crook could pick it up and use it!

You problems could be caused by the discs being of low quality. Datawrite is not a what you would consider quality stuff. The discs used have random media codes and even when a decent media code is used, it is often low grade discs that get used. Ask around the blank media section of this forum and you will find quite a lot of people with the same opinion.

Also, are you running any virtual drives? I’m asking because such things can interfere with DVD burning.

Just four virtual drives :). Memory usage is also quite high, but this should not cause a 6x CLV burn.

That is what I thought from looking at his log. I’ve read of people who cannot burn any DVDs at all because of virtual drives. Upon uninstalling the software that runs it, the drive worked fine. So it can actually be the cause of his problems.

thanks v much for the advice. I have always had these virtual drives. i even got the lastest nero and alcohol avail. i will need to see if a change of media will sort out the prob… drastic or what, i was going to buy a new mobo!! i did just start using this media so it might be the pack of 50 but i have used them previously with no probs!! oh yeah another point the lg takes about 2-3 mins before actually starting to burn anything - i thought it was not working so cancelled a few at first but then i left one running - it just takes a phenominally long time to start!! as you can see 15 mins is not 6 speed!! more like 4 speed but it is becasue it takes so long!! and media you would recomend?? i was looking at the plextor disks but they are quite pricey how about ridisk disks… or verbaitim?

PS anyone want a spindle of 50 datasafe disk - still wrapped!!

The trouble is that the manufacturer from one batch of Datawrite discs can change just like that. They don’t seem to source discs from the same manufacturer all the time. So the last batch you used might be completely different stuff from the current one, even if they look the same.

That’s too long. I don’t have a H10A, but my older GSA-4163B and GSA-4167B LG writers take only about 30-40secs to start to write. 2-3min doesn’t sound right to me.

Yup, that 15min sounds like a 4x write to me.

Plextor discs are made by Taiyo Yuden and are good but probably not worth it. You can get Taiyo Yuden discs from online stores for cheaper.

Ridisk is another company that rebrands, like Datawrite. I’d avoid that.

Verbatim should be ok, provided those are not Verbatim Pearl Tops.

See if you can get hold a DVD+/-RW disc if you can. Just one will do. You can use that for doing tests on your drive while figuring out what is going on. If the burn screws up, you can just erase and reuse the disc. No need to waste discs doing tests.

Also, try and disable alcohol while burning if you can. Don’t uninstall it but just disable it when burning. See if that helps.