Please help LG GH24NSC0 firmware update

Please help

I would like to update it. Is there an update for this version?
LG GH24NSC0 firmware update]

No firmware updates are listed on either the US or Korean web sites.

What is your purpose/goal in desiring to change the firmware on your drive?

When the error disc is burned from this format it starts playing the DVD to stop working

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It might help to try a different brand of media, or to change your burning speed.
If you post details of what you are doing, someone might be able to make other suggestions.

What type and brand of media is this?

brand of media ARITA

The same problem on the type named EURO TOP

your burning speed. Only exists 8X & 12X
There is no speed '4x

When burning the same disc type brand of media On LG disc drive GH22LS50
I find it exists speed '4x The disc is burned without any problems and works well… but on GH24NSC0 Speed does not exist '4x

Try better quality media - Verbatim DVDRs are widely available in retail and online stores.

But the disc is burned on LG disc drive GH22LS50 without any problems

Never have seen a 12x burn option with the GH24NSC0. 16x-media would be burned only at 8x or 16x

If you had to burn 4x with the GH22LS50 to get it work means this media is awful