Please Help! just got Plextor48X and not Working!

I also posted on another forum. I’m just desperate and need some help!!

Well, I actually got a new system as well. Nothing is wrong with the drive, since I have tried it on my old system and it works.

My new system is :
P4 2.4 GHz
Asus P4S533-VM motherboard with the SIS chipset for controllers
Windows XP Pro.

I have updated the motherboard bios, IDE controller drivers, all other motherboard drivers.

Yes, DMA is ON.

The problem is this, when I try to burn with Nero, I get this message:

    Could not perform Fixation
  • Burn Process failed

By the way, this is the newest version of Nero (5.5.10)

Also, when I try to benchmark the drive with CDSpeed, after I insert a blank cd, I get this error message when I start the test:

  • Error!

I mean WTF??? I dont get these messages on my other computer. Anyone might know why?? Could it be IDE drivers? could it be my motherboard??

Please Help!!!


P4 2.4GHz, 512 DDR 400 SDRAM
Win Xp Pro, Nero 5.5.9, Discjuggler 4
Asus CD-S520, Plexwriter48/24/48A

Try to use CloneCD or something like that. Does the problem occure ? What’s
you aspi ? You should try 4.60, just in case and then report back.

Well, I found out that it was my motherboard. Apparently Plextor drives dont work with the SIS IDE chipset. I’m gonna change my mobo to an Intel Chipset.