Please help! Issue about burning with ND-3500AG



Hello guys!
I was trying to google for my problem and now that I found this forum I hope someone will try to explain me if I’m doing something wrong.

Problem just started recently with my ND-3500AG. I tried to burn 3 movie files and even though burn process was completed successfully, whenever I try to play burned CD on my computer , picture would freeze really bad.
And much worser thing when playing it on DIVX player, once picture is frozen it’s frozen forever (have to turn off player).

Just today I burned another CD with about 6 media files on it, and some of them would freeze also. Though they play fine on my computer, right from the location where files are stored.

Don’t know what is going on , anyone can help me out please…wasted a lot of DVD-+ already :frowning:

Like I said picture freezes on any kind of CD’s : DVD±R, CD-R (some files are just lucky if they are played) :frowning:

P.S Using NERO Express 6


Use better media - this is rule #1.

A successful burn doesn’t mean it’s an good quality burn.