Please help, $$$ is no option

I don’t care the cost, so help me find the best cd burner there is to make backups of my media. I currently have a teac 524e and it works great except when i made a backup of need for speed hot pursuit 2 it won’t work in my laptop dvd/cdrw combo drive. it does work in all other regular cdroms or dvdroms though. if i got a better burner would i eliminate this problem or is it inherit with cdrw drives? i tried hide cdr media but that didn’t work. what would be a better burner? what are the favorites amongst this group. I’m looking to upgrade from my teac.



I also want a writer that can do anything , at any speed and is compatible with everything on this planet and beyond the universe.

Sadly , there is none with such features , but LiteOn and AsusTek are reaching for it.

Your problem may not be your writer , but the incompatiblity of your combo drive on your laptop. No matter what you buy , you cannot change the compatibility matrix of that combo drive.

This is quite true, however my teac doesn’t have 2 sheep it only has 1, but so far it has been making good backups. But recently none of my backups have worked an different burners at all for need for speed hot pursuit 2 (safedisc 2.8). It works in all cdroms or dvd roms but not burners. And hide cdr media option on clonecd doesn’t solve the problem so I have been forced to use nocd patches on my laptop.

By the way. I’m using a Toshiba SD-M1612 to read and my Teac CD-W524E to write. This has been a flawless combo up until safedisc 2.8 which I used alcohol 120% and that made a good backup. Of course clonecd may have made a good backup but i was testing it in my laptop and nothing was working then.