Please help: Is it my TDK or my DVD media?

Background: I bought a TDK 8X Dual Format DVD Writer in Mar 2004. I burned many discs, and Nero 6.3.x.x always report “Verification Completed Successfully”

After 2-3 weeks, i take out my media again and try to read it in the tdk writer, either totally cannot detect the disc or a lot of CRC errors. These errors are encountered in the TDK writer itself. LG dvd-rom drive can read the discs but also got CRC errors.

However, Pioneer 8X DVD Writer and Sony Dual Layer DVD Writer can detect and read these discs without any CRC errors. Yes, I bought a Pioneer dvd writer as well to compare and contrast. I burn about 25 DVDs with the Pioneer [[a few days ago]]]

I have the K-probe 2.1.0 Test results of discs burned by the TDK and Pioneer:

Set A results belong to discs burned at least 2-3 weeks ago.

Set B results belong to discs burned by Pioneer a few days ago

Set C results belong to discs burned by the TDK, yes, burned TODAY only, and they seems to have good burning quality

I am presently staying in Singapore, hot and humid

I would like to find out for the Set A results, the PI and PO values, will they slowly increase over time (as in DVD media degrade over time) or the PI PO values will stay relatively constant long long time after burning

Then the Set C results contradict the Set A results.

I am back to square one

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and i would appreciate any help

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Some thoughts:

I see they are scanned with a TDK Combo device and not a DVD-Writer. This is not the best solution in my opinion. Use a Lite-On manufactured DVD-Writer instead (for example the Sony dual layer writer you had).

Try rescanning them to see if that makes any difference.

Strange thing is that most media you used seems to be quality media.

Thanks a lot for replying :bigsmile:

The Sony Dual Layer DVD Writer is not mine. It belongs to somebody else.

Only the TDK and Pioneer are mine.

I know the TDK Combo drive is not the best for k-probe tests but it is the next best thing I have now. I have overspent on DVD Writers. :sad: