Please help installing my NEC 2500A



i just ordered a NEC dvd drive its a 2500A and i was wondering if anyone has that and could help me set it up and everythig becuase i dont want to mess it up and i also want a few suggestion on what program to get to burn stuff and some tweaks if yall dont mind…my email is chat also) and my AIM SN is kingkhanh04 so if you could talk to me online or give me a PM then it be awsome thanks guys


It’ll be much quicker and more educational for you to first try browsing the forums and using the search. It’s a lot easier to answer specific questions than to just give you a complete overview.

Here’s a link to the NEC forum to get you started:
Herrie’s patched firmwares are a good place to start- they enhance the capabilities of your drive immensely. You can read about them in the stickies at the top of the forum.

Happy burning with your new drive.