Please help, I'm so worried

Hi, to be honest, I’m completely clueless about computers but I have a problem with my computer which is whenever I start up, the DVD±RW and CDRW were not detected… most of the time…

And the computer takes a long time to load to the Welcome screen… I have a 2.6GHz Pentium 4 Processor & 1Gig of RAM…

And I’ve received messages saying that it is either that I did some hardware/software changes that made all this happen… Can someone please help? I’m crushed… God bless you!

if you are having intermittant faults then maybe your hardware is loose.

Turn off your computer and switch it off at the mains. Then open up your case and touch something etal. Then one by one make sure that every componet is connected properly with no loose wires half hanging out.

Failing that, check that the power supply is up to the job, What watt rating is it?

Thirdly check your temperatures in the bios.

Fourthly, what os are you using, xp?

fifthly, send it to me and i will fix it for you, for a small fee :bigsmile:

Oh also check that things liek memory is seated correctly in there sockets.

To check if core componets work, ie cpu, harddrive, memoery etc, run a diagnostic prgramm such as sis sandra 2004.

Could also be a software issue usually is most of the time which i hate!, have you got antivirus software? is it fully updated?
also go and download 2 programs the first is called “Adware 6.0”
the second is called “spybot search and destroy” just type them in on google find the site and download, they are both freeware anybody who is anybody uses these basically they delete any spyware on your computer and delete unneeded rubbish that programs add that can cause problems on your machine, anyway thats just my 2 cents.

for ilumination sake…dit it ever work correctly in the first place?

Better yet was it working at a previous point in time, when you put a cd in the drive does it spin up and/or do the “lights” flash and/or was anyone poking around inside it… if not its a power, connector or dead drive issue, and are you running WinXP.

If the answers are yes it was working, yes it spins up and/or lights up, no noone was poking at the guts and yes I have XP read on … otherwise skip the rest of this post

Go to
System Tools
System Restore

If you get the
“Welcome to System Restore” screen with 3 check boxes on the right hand side your set and read on, otherwise disregard this post.


Check the create a restore point and name it “before Restore” that keeps a record of your pc exactly as it is at this very second. Hit the create button and then the close button.

Now open system restore again and check the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” button and hit next.
Now think back to a date when everything worked like it was supposed to, you are presented with a calander, pick the date when it all worked and tell it to restore, and voila.

–== WARNING ==–

Anything you installed between then and now will be gone, also files and data you created between then and now may disappear, also system changes like installing printers or drivers or uninstalling CD drives or drivers will also be undone.

You have been warned