Please Help - I'm New

Okay guys, someone please help me. I am not the best with computers and have NEVER burned a DVD before. I bought an NEC 3500 and installed it in my Gateway running Windows ME. Now I cannot only NOT burn DVD’s, I cannot even burn CDs using Musicmatch anymore. The computer recognizes the drive, but I was wondering if maybe my computer is not powerful enough for it or what? Was there some software I was supposed to download somewhere because I just took the drive out of the box, put it in my computer, and did not do anything else. PLEASE HELP because does not offer technical support and DVD burning is something I want to get into since I am already so into CD burning that I burnt out 3 CD-RW drives. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. :bow:

First off, what are your computer specifications? How much ram and what’s the cpu speed, etc…? You say the drive is recognized, do you mean in both Bios and Windows Me? If so, in Windows Me check to see if it’s running in udma mode and is listed as the Nec. Go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and check. Remember you must first know what channel you installed your drive under. So before doing this, verify if the drive is set as Primary IDE Channel or Secondary IDE Channel and as either Master or Slave on either channels via the Bios or just by following your cable setups from the drive to the mainboard’s ide channels (There should be labels that tell you which is which on the board, drive, and or cables). After this check if you see the Nec drive listed under DVD/CD-Roms. Remember the path to the device manager might be slightly different from ME versus XP. But it shouldn’t be so different that you can’t find your way to it by following the path that I just gave you.

After verifying hardware setups are ok, we must now verify software setups. What burning software are you using? I would suggest you use Nero, CloneCD, CloneDVD, Alcohol120%, Sonic, Easy CD/DVD Creator, RecordNow Max, Blindwrite, etc…
Most members here are likely to use Nero, RecordNow, CloneCD, Alcohol120% since they seem to be very popular. Of course there are a lot more alternatives as well.
Pick one and learn how to use it with your drive first. Once you become more experience you can then try using other burning softwares that are listed or those that you find yourself by doing a little reading and researching. You’re in the right place to start learning.

If it helps any, I personally prefer using Nero Burning Rom as my primary cd/dvd burning software. But I also use CloneCD, CloneDVD, Alcohol, etc… when the right situation calls for them. CloneCD is very user-friendly, but limited in capabilities when compared to Nero. Nero works like a suite of softwares that allow you to create, copy, label, burn, etc… your cds and dvds (all formats for both). Beginners may find it to be less user-friendly.

There are still lots more to tell you, but it’s easier to tell them to you as we troubleshoot your problem. So make sure you post back with all error messages that you see or problems that you encounter along the way.