PLEASE help I'm going bonkers


Totally new to all this so please ignore the blatant stupidity!

I am trying to insert/create tracks on a single track (full length) CD_R. At present it is a ‘mixed’ cd, ie several tracks all combined into one big mix but has been burnt as one large track.

I have a trial version of Soundforge and a full version of Nero. I can load the data up on both of these but cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out how to recognise where the track ‘mixes’ end so I can insert a track split. It really does need to be at the mix, as opposed to simply entering a track every, say, 5 minutes.

I have been trying for 3 days without any luck, I’m just hoping somebody can take pity on this dumb blonde and give us a leg up!

Sexual favours in return (I’m THAT desperate!)

Thanks for reading my drivvel, and please help if you can

Katie x

I think that this link will answer your questions.

Well Katie, that’s quite an offer.

I think what you want to do is this:-

Load Nero Burning ROM.
Select Audio CD etc
Drag file over to the left hand pane.
Right Click on file & select Audio Editor.
In Audio Editor select Edit/Pause Detection & I think that will get you somewhere. Then “Save tracks as files”.

This may do it for you, otherwise you can go through it manually inserting the splits.


Thanks for the quick replies.

I cannot get my head round the VCDhelp, it’s far too technical for my tiny blonde brain. Thanks anyway Harley.

Tim C - I tried that but it still saved as one track.

I think my main difficulty is NOT in actually splitting it up. It’s RECOGNISING WHERE THE MIXES END ON THE ANALYSIS so I can THEN split it. I’m on the edge here guys, it seems so much trouble when I thought it was going to be so easy.

Thanks anyway, and please keep any helpfull hints coming.

Tim C I owe you :iagree:

Is there a pause between one song and the next?


No, the CD is a ‘mix’ cd, it’s about 12 tracks all interlinked or ‘mixed’ recorded from a set of turntables. I just need to insert track numbers on the ‘mixes’ so when I sent the disc out as a demo, people can skip to whatever track they want.

I’m so confused!

Hi Katie, I posted a question to the board that was similar to yours (poster is 6pak) and I have found my own solution. Audacity is a FREE program written I think by some former sound forge programers, they call it Audacity because they ad the audacity to write such a feature rich program and give it away free.

Its easy to use, you just import your large file into the program and it will give you a visual look at the sound waves of you file. You can see where the songs begin and end. It lets you play the file in Audacity and you can watch as the line moves across you songs’ sound waves. You stop it where each song ends and select that potion, and export it to an mp3 file.

It lets you name the artist and title of the song so that the info will come up on your cd player. Get the program here>>

Ive already gone though most of the help files so if you have a problem with it, post here. It is slow to import and export because it captures quality sound so be patient with it, it works.

Now what did you say about sexual favors? :>

I’ve recorded concerts from the TV & then split the file manually by sort of guessing where the song ends & then playing it around there to hear the track end. I then insert the split.
I didn’t use Nero for this , but Wavelab (by Steinberg). I inserted a 2 second silence & then used something else to split it. In Nero Wave Editor you can do this quite easily adding a track split rather than silence, although it is a time consuming process.

6pak , I think you might be out of luck. I notice how you spell FAVORS (the US way) & Katie spells it FAVOURS (the English way)

I’m not scared of a little travel if the destination is worth the trouble. Besides it’s too damn hot here in FL right now. A little ice cold Watneys Red Barrel might be just the thing.

6pak big up your status, I’m importing right now. 10/1 says I can’t work it out on my own! Thanks to everybody who replied, spotty dog.