Please Help ! I'm Burried deep in troubles



I have already posted request on using estimate tracksize

I dont know whether i can post the same again so i am posting the link here

I have refered to all the documetation of nerosdk(Nerocom.pdf) but was no able to get the method nerodrive.estimatetracksize to work. I would be gratefull if anyone help me get this work.

I would also like to thank people who(around 20) atleast saw my posting.Probably they did not understand what i was trying to ask.

I can give more details i required.

Thanking in advance


i am writing VCD burning program.I am using nerocom and vb6

for that i create nerovideoitems and call BurnVCD2 funcion with the nerovideoitems

I would like to estimate the track size of the the VCD and display on top of the progress window.

I tried calling NeroDrive.EstimateTracksize but it gives an error saying that an asynchchronous operation is going on and cannot call the function now

for calling nerodrive.estimatetracksize i use the ISOtrack argument i passed to BurnVCD2 method

Can anyone please give me the exact sequence of calling this function.I tried calling it in onprogress but it did not work.

IS there anyway to work the same with image recorder

I am not a VB developer and do not use NeroCOM (only Nero API). But from what you wrote, I suspect that you called EstimateTrackSize from within a Nero event handler or something like that. Nero complains because it currently performs some work “in the background” (“asynchronous”) and can not estimate the track size while it does so.

Try calling NeroEsitmateTrackSize before you call NeroBurn and from the main program branch, not from any Nero-invoked event handler. It may not be possible to call it e.g. from OnProgress or similar.