Please help identify this test

This is the first time I have used he Nero CD DVD Speed and I could use some help with the results. The DVD I tested does have stutter and severe pixelation in a few places when playing back. Am I correct that if I see spikes in the top graph I will have problems during playback? This was burned with a Plextor PX-716A and tested in a Lite-on SOHD-167T. I don’t think that Plextor’s support this test. Also, is the KProbe2 better to use since i have a Lite-on drive? Sorry for all the questions but I am new and trying to get this down. Thanks!


The PI plot is out of specification >280 in a lot of places, and the PIF plot makes several excursions outside the green.

You scanned at max speed, so the later parts may look worse than they are, but the start looks about the worst anyway.

The Plextor should be able to scan with it’s own toolkit.

Thanks for the help. I checked out plextools and found a few utilities. Do I want to use the PI, PO test? Is there anything else I can run? Sorry for the dumb questions but I am new at this.

The PI/PO test is related.

PI is the same, other than for test varitions between drives, but PO is different, compared to the expected norm for PIF (true standard, maximum 4 at 1ECC - real life, drive dependent from 4 up to 16 or more).

PO can be high, and VERY spiky - CDRINFO use Plextor scans in their reviews, and some “good” scans look pretty horrible compared to what you’d consider an acceptable PI/PIF plot.

My understanding is that PIF (Parity Inner Failures) end up passed on (due to interleaving) as larger numbers of PO (Parity Outer) errors - if they cannot be corrected at that level, they become a POF - and that’s a “real” error.