Please HELP, i tried to put .AVI on DVD and failed

A friend gave me a copy of his independent film. It was on a cdr and in divx format (.avi). I used VSO DivxToDVD to make it a .vob file. Then i used dvd shrink to make it a .iso file. Then, i used dvd decrypter to burn the .iso on a cd. The dvd played on my PC (but the autorun wasnt available). However, when I tried playing it in a DVD player i got a disc error reading “playback feature may not be available on this disc”. What give and how can i make it work. I told the guy that i will put the movie from the CDr on DVD and i don’t want to disappoint.

Just skip the ISO step. Use DivxToDvd then burn it to disc using CopyToDvd or Nero etc… This way you’ll retain the Standard DVD Structure: IFo’s Bup’s Vob’s.