Please help, i got on tv

i got the tv footage of my school and my classmates capture using my tv tuner card, the mpeg video it’s still around 300mb, i need to get it online so i can give the link for my classmates for them to download it, i look at rapidshare/megaupload/rogepost but none of them allow anything over 250mb.

i even tried filefront, but their upload process is so unrealible, i waited for 4 hours and it kept on telling me to wait for the redirect, what a nightmare.

youtube and googlevideo doesn’t allow download and the video quality is poor.

please help, i need to upload that video for my classmates to see, it’s a vidoe of all of us on tv school interview, i promise them i’d let them see it, please help me T_T

i think yousendit allows up to 2 gb if you subscribe for like 4.99 a month

for 4.99 a month i could pay for even better ones than yousentit, please help.

have you tried shrinking it ?