Please help, i am stuck

Hello, I posted this a few days ago and havent heard anything yet. My file names get cut of, for instance, if i am burning a file called 1111111111111 1 1111111.jpg, it will change it to something like 1111.jpg. anyone have any ideas… please see code below. thanks.

ReDim File(nFiles) As NeroFile

Dim ct As Integer
ct = 1

Set fld = fso.GetFolder(dirforburn)
FileName = Dir(fso.BuildPath(fld.Path, sSrchString), vbNormal Or _
vbHidden Or vbSystem Or vbReadOnly)
While Len(FileName) <> 0

x = fld.Path

Set File(ct) = New NeroFile

File(ct).Name = FileName
File(ct).SourceFilePath = fso.BuildPath(fld.Path, FileName)

Folder.Files.Add File(ct)

FileName = Dir() ’ Get next file

ct = ct + 1


drive.BurnIsoAudioCD “”, “Title”, 0, isotrack, Nothing, Nothing, NERO_BURN_FLAG_VERIFY + NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE, 4, NERO_MEDIA_CD

although no one could help me out, i added


and it fixed it. maybe this can help someone else.

The ISO 9660 defines that filenames (including extension) may be at most 8 characters (among other things). If you want up to 64 characters (and the complete path up to 120 characters), you must use the Joliet file system.