Please Help I am having major problems with my Liteon DVD burner



Hello I am new to this board.
Last week I just bought a Liteon 811SX 8x external USB2.0 DVD burner for my laptop. I also bought a fire wire 120 GIG firewire hard drive for my laptop. Every software package I use has problems when trying to burn. The first 3 nights I tried to burn using MyDVD I had an error that said not enough memory. I turned the cache and capture folder to the new hard drive and that got rid of that error. Then the next night I had an error that couldn’t find the DVD writer. I then last night tried Ulead. It recognized the DVD burner and started to convert the mpeg. When I woke up this morning I had a failure to initiate drive, then I had the DVD burn unsuccessful message. I looked into my device manager and my DVD writer wasn’t in there. I restarted my computer unplugged the drive and plugged it in again. The computer recognized it, so I tried to burn again. Ulead organized the menus and started the burn. It showed it was burning at 4x but there was no red/orange light on the drive? every now and then the green light would flicker. When it was finished I got an error that said could not find drive and Ulead burn screen went back to gray and showed that there was no DVD burner hooked up. Am I having problems with drivers or another problem?
I am kind of fed up right now, I spent all this money for a DVD burner and accessories and I can’t even burn 1 DVD.
I have one of those PCMCIA type II USB 2.0/2 port firewire cards from CompUSA. I have an Adaptec USB media center capture device and My DVD burner hooked up to the 2 2.0 USB ports. I have my 120 gig hard drive hooked into the 4-pin firewire port of the card. I think the software keeps loosing the drive, Could this be a driver problem. Could my old built in USB 1.1 ports be the problem? I am tempted to uninstall all the USB drivers and start from scratch, or return the DVD burner.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



go into device manager, and go into the usb hubs down there, open them and uncheck the power save check (i’m not too specific, sorry, kinda tired now)
and restart, and try again.
I’m not 100% but that might help :slight_smile:


might want to try only one of the devices.

unplug the HD and try only the dvdburner.
can you burn other things like cds with it?
can create your projects and save the files to the HD then burn with recordnow to the dvd?


I only have 1 gig free on my internal laptop hard drive. All my DVD authoring and Capture work is stored on my external 120 gig hard drive. I would’t be able to burn the DVD without the hard drive attached. I already unplugged the USB 2.0 adaptec media capture device thinking that would help. I will try the power save idea when I get home from work. Any more ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
I have not tried to burn cd’s yet, I will try tonight.


Check in my computer for the external drives properties. Make sure they are set for performance and not for quick removal. I don’t have an external DVD burner but I have an external 120 gig firewire drive and it’s a dog when set to quick removal. Don’t know if you will have that option on that USB drive though.


New problem surfaced last night.
Now it will try to burn the dvd, the red light will come on and then go out after about 10 seconds or so. Then the drive green light will flash a couple of times and I will get a could not complete error. This is only when writing DVD-R and +R. It finished writing a dvd+RW disc but it won’t play in my dvd player.

What do the drive red/orange light mean. Why would it sometimes switch from red to orange in the middle of a bad burn.

The DVD+R discs are Verbatim
The DVD-R disc was a liteon test dvd
The DVD+RW discs are Fujifilm

Could this be bad DVD’s
Does it make sense to upgrade my DVD firmware (GS08)? I think that is right. It said it the the right of the specs in the computer under the liteon drive. The model of the external drive is 811SX but the drive installs as 851S.
If I should do the firmware upgrade how would I do it. I am very new with dvd burners and don’t want to kill it. Thanks