Please Help: How to set NEC ND3540A region free?

Is there any way to set NEC ND3540A Drive region free? Any firmware, Software etc. can help disable this limited function?

Appreciated your help,

You can try searching or look here:

Liggy and Dee’s incredible firmware


well first there is L and D 's page with rpc1 firmwares from here to australia,

alternatively ,there’s the software solution
i’m sure you can SHARE a free version…

Just buy a new drive and don’t set the region code, then install AnyDVD as a decryptor and all your discs will be region free.

Wow! this is amazing. Thanks for all of your fast response.
I downloaded Dee’s 1.W7 firmware: version SLOW and RPC1. Should I install both? or just RPC1?

please excuse for my dumb question?

If you want region free you have to use the RPC1 version.