Please help. History of DVD-R?

Hi, I am doing a research project and need to do a chat at my school about the advancement of CD technology. I have plenty of info on CD-s but can’t find anything very specific on DVD-R disks. In particular I need some official material detailing the changes to the DVD-R specification standards that took place around 1999 when the new standard moved from 3.95GB to 4.7 GB. But as I said I cannot find any detailed sources discussing these changes.

Please can someone point me in the right direction? The info itself doesn’t have to be too technical, as it’s for a mixed technical and non technical audience. (Most of them probably couldn’t give a damn about my talk, but I need it to improve my mark).

Can anybody please help me out? I haven’t been too lucky on Google, but maybe my search terms have been crap or something.

Thanks in advance.


I would say to check the following sites:

Good Luck…:cool: might give you some general info on DVD-Rs.