Please help! HD dying, how do I multi-dvd span a backup of files?

Ok so lately my HD has been clicking a lot when I load things and the access light will go solid for a few seconds, I have had a HD die before and it did this same thing.

I want to backup my files onto dvds but I don’t want to have to sit and make multiple disks that are all 4.38 gigs, that would be too much of a pain.

So how can I just drag the whole drive to a program and have it divide it up and then I can keep putting in blank DVDs? Kind of like old school zip file multi-disk span?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I no longer use Nero but as far as I remember it has a drive back-up feature. Give it a try…

Get a retail boxed hard drive, Western Digital and Maxtor, they come with clone software in the box.

You can get a 160GB Seagate HD with 8MB cache and 5 yr warranty for $54 after rebate at Fry’s.