Please Help Got New Torrent Still Need Help



Ok when i got the new torrent for the game it had


Ok…I tried burning the img it a disk using a regular cd burner…and stilll no success, ok i have like 6 cds were I used alc.52% and cdAnywhere to make into a Iso. then i put it in installed and STILL>>>>SAME DAMN THING>>>as soon as i try to play it it says ERROR: INSERT ORIGINAL DISK *B(The * is a square looking character) ok i really need help guys…Im going crazy…been at this stupid thing for like…4 days now :sad: :sad: :sad: PLEASE HELP MEH :bow: :bow: :bow:

It also came with like 28 .zips about 19mb ea.…ect

Each zips contain brave_soul.img, .sub and some other files(Patch.2000213) and manual…Its gonna take one extrmely smart person to help meh out…PWEEZE TRY


Hi Redgen, have you unzipped all of those files, if not I would do so then burn image using a prog like Nero


Try buying the game instead of downloding it.

Consider yourself warned.

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