Please Help Going Nuts Can't Find UDF Reader Anywhere for Free

:frowning: I’ve got a nero burned RW disk that has gone south and there are many references on the web to a free reader/fixer from Nero called DiscAgent or EasyWriteReader, none of which are available in current update or downloadable from the Ahead sites. I did find a beta version of EasyWriteReader on several sites but after install it leaves no executable, just a bin file and a dll file ???:Z I need to get the data off the disk, and there was little help from the INCD support person here in this forum (see Warning Thread on InCD for details). Could someone PLEASE post a pointer to a working version of a free UDF recovery tool?!? I tried ISOBUSTER which confirms that lost files are there for recovery, but ya have to pay 30$ usd to perform the recovery. Thanks!!!


Arggg!!! Thanks DRfeet but this tool installs with no user interface, no trace of where it put an EXE, and hence no way to run it. I don’t get it. All of the other NERO products work great on my system, but InCD seems to be some kind of bad joke, with very little interface and this reader debacle seems like pure insanity. Here is what InfoTool says about the disk I can’t read in XP explorer:
Disc Information (H:)

Type : DVD+RW
Capacity : 510:01.29 (1052 MB)
Tracks : 1
Sessions : 1

File System : ISO9660, Joliet, UDF
Title : INCD
Date : 29 January 2003
Publisher : n/a
Application : NERO___BURNING_ROM

And here is what I see on the drive now:

Dear Customer,

You are currently trying to read a disc in the UDF Packetwriting format.
You are seeing this message instead of the contents of the disc because your system currently does not support the UDF format.

To make your System UDF compatible, we have developed a complimentary software tool, the InCD EasyWrite Reader.

To download the latest InCD EasyWrite Reader just visit our website at

Your Ahead Software Team

There are files on this disk that i need desperatly, and even ISOBUSTER wont let me register (the registration button is grayed out). So what to do?


okay never mind folks i did a bad thing and cracked an older version of isobuster and recovered my files - i PROMISE if i ever use it again i will borrow an international CC and purchase the product, which is very good at what it does. As for InCD - NEVER TRUST any critical data to a disk formatted with this product, it’s just not worth the trouble. It’s really sad as all the other nero products work great - well, at least they don’t destroy valuable data.

Why did you need to crack it?
Couldnt you have just used the trial version?

No he couldn’t. Trial version of Isobuster does not recover UDF files.

I had similar problem, but after finding this thread I revisited nero and found it here
I hope this helps someone.