PLEASE HELP! Going crazy & Skint!

Hi everyone
First time poster here so please be kind

i am going out of my mind trying to burn dvd-r discs , some burn and some dont, i have tried lowering the read/wwrite speed, even tried preying to the damn thing.

i am using an Acard 2030LD , a ASUS DVDe616P2 and three Pioneer 109 writers, which are all in asealed unit.

i have tried burning on
Ritek red
Datawrite Yellow
datawrite titanium
every kind of ritek go5 ink

the datawrite yellow were working perfectly up untill 10 ten days ago but then they started to not work, its crazy, i place 3 discs in and they burn perfectly, then the next three wont work at all, then out of the next three maybe one works and the others fail.

i have contacted the ebay seller who sold me the unit, but he’s dissapeared off the face3 of the earth and will not reply at all.

any advice would be so much appreciated, i have hunted the web high and low untill someone recommended this forum to me.


Well, first you will want to make sure you have your DMA enabled on the Drives. Also, turn off your Anti-Virus and other unnecessary process’.
When you burn a few disks restart your computer to flush your buffers.
Lastly, use good media and slow down your burning speed.

I burn at 4x which takes approx 7 minutes longer than 12x.

Windows has a nasty habit of turning off your DMA sometimes without your knowledge.
Try Here for more information.

Are you saying the drives are in some sort of external enclosure?
Fyi your selection of media does not look that great and that could defanatlly be your problem. Try some verbatium +r 8x or 16x. They are easy to find, very good quality, and work well with most drive/firmware combinations.

First off:

  1. Make sure its not your drive. Buy other media, good media, not the crappy stuff you have been buying. Verbatims are good. Taiyo Yuden are the best. If you are close to a Best Buy, go grab a pack of 50 Made in Japan Fuji’s. The Made in Japan should be on the label.

Burn these better discs and get back to us.

If the burns are good and it plays without a problem, then the issues you have been having a likely the poor quality discs you have been using.

If you still have issues with burning verbatim discs and Taiyo Yuden discs, let us know. We can then work on whether it’s your drive, computer, or hardware settings.

You can use DVD Identifier to determine which make of disk works best with which burner. You can download it Here.

Thanks guys
I have brought a tub of Philips and so far so good.

i’m not so sure about dma and drives, the unit i am using is a stand alone unit, its not connected to my computer.

I have been told about firmware but i dont know how to upgrade this separate unit. i think i have to burn the firmware onto disc or something.

i have upgraded the burner on my computer, downloaded the file, opened it and i think it did it itself.

This has already helped as i was told that datawrite were the leading brand on the market, i threw most of them in the bin!

Data write uses several diffrent medias ranging from average at best to total crap.