Please help for Nero 7 ultra

Does Vision4 have a conversion for whatever format I have to DVD? I’m tring to burn mpeg4, mpeg2, wmv, avi or whatever and Nero just turns it into what it “feels” like and my standalone player won’t recognize it. If I go to the main opening page of Vision4 to start a project and click More -video opitions- DVD video, look at the Formats and it’s greyed and says MPEG-2 sometimes it says MPEG-4. I can’t figure out how to change this. Is this evan what I need to change to get a conversion ? Is there a program that will do all/most conversions ? In the past I’ve contacted Nero for numerous other issues and they always ask for error copies ect. when all I’m asking is how to do something :rolleyes:
Thanks for any help. :confused:

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You got started correctly but you didn’t go far enough. When you saw the screen and option below for “More”, you should have selected “Add Video Files” or whatever you wanted to do from the list on the right. Please look at the two screen shots. The second graphic shows the list of supported formats you can import from.

NeroVison will convert most files, PAL and NTSC into DVD compliant files that should be able to be burned to disc and played in most players.

Read the guide.

Thanks for the reply Jeff, does this mean if I scroll down to " DVD(*.vob) " that the output copy will be DVD, no matter what the source file is ? I have many codects already from " K-lite codect pack ". I’ve always just left it on “All supported video files”. I always use the edit option to join clips ect. I wish the manuals were way more explainative. BTW my player is a GE dge105n.
Thanks again

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NeroVison will convert most files, PAL and NTSC [B]into DVD compliant files[/B]

If you choose [B]‘Make DVD’-> DVD-Video[/B] from the opening screen of NeroVision… [B]that’s what it will do[/B]. You don’t have to scroll down to anything, just add your files. If Nero doesn’t like them it will let you know.

First make sure you do have the “Plug-INs” with your Nero Vision then then follow the advise from MysticEyes and jeff also.

I’ve had Nero for about 2 yrs, started with #6 when I got my burner. I’ve just upgraded to 7 ultra. Now that you asked me about plugins I went to the Nero site and found “DVD video multi plugins”. I also found Nero 7 premium reload & Nero7 essentials which is what I need to DL those multi plugins I think. They cost $30 US. I don’t know how to find what plugins I actually have anyway there’s no heading called plugins. Unless I go to “Nero Info Tool” and I find them under the drivers tab then I don"t know what I’m supposed to have. Anyway I’ve burnt a dvd with vision4, and when I check the format that it is I get “NTSC 4:3 (Mpeg 2,720x480)” It’s always NTSC cause I live in North America, but if the format is Mpeg 2, and my player won’t play it, isn’t that the problem? Shouldn’t it say DVD ? My player won’t play Mpeg 2 (I think), it plays DVD, video CD, and some audio cds, Nero burns fine anything I throw at it, but when I put some recordings in my player, I get " disk not inserted " Sorry for going on and on about this, but you see I’m a Newbie on a BIG learning curve.