Please help flashing Pioneer 108 to Piodata

I want to flash my pioneer 108 (bk) to the piodata f/w for bitsetting.

I have seached the forum, but I cannot get it.
Help Help :bow: :bow:

I have downloaded dvrflash 2.0 and this file:

It seems that I need to update the kernel. I do not know what the kernel is, and I cannot see a file named kernel or something.
Here are the files, I run win XP.

Can someone help me from here?

Thanks you dawn freakers;) :wink:

You have to download a kernel file first. After that you can use the DVRFlash readme.txt to get info on flashing both kernel and FW.

The PIODATA type kernel file was provided with the older 1.10 firmware update. You can find this update in Flashman’s archive through this link:

The kernel file is the smaller file (64kb). You can use the R8150008.110 file simultaneously with R8150108.114 and DVRFlash to convert your drive to a PIODATA type with the latest 1.14 firmware

I got it! :bigsmile:
But I never used any dvrflash command
I went there:
Then selected the Piodata directory, where there are two .exe files (DVR108DX_FW110.exe and DVR108DX_FW114.exe)
I downloaded those two files and ran them one after the other. Worked fine.

Now I know how to get there but can I go back to Pioneer OEM f/w?


Although I have heard the process is reversible, I don’t know how to do it. On the first file (DVR108DX_FW110.exe) there are three files: 1) the PIODATA kernel file; 2) the 1.10 firmware file and 3) the UPGDVD.exe file for updating. Maybe you can use UPGDVD.exe with Pioneer kernel and firmware files to go back. I think it would work.

Tyreksionibus. To reverse the process, you simply use a pioneer firmware and kernel with dvrflash.

You can find the regular pioneer kernel firmware in nil’s 1.14’s RPC1/ripunlocked/speedunlocked download.

I have succesfully flashed my drive. The command I have used is:

DVRFlash.exe -vf kernel.110 firmware.118

During the flashing, I was only afraid of wrecking my drive when the program showed up the message: “Warning: Firmware and Drive type mismatch”. But the message was true - the firmware I was going to install was not my drive’s and DVRFlash did not know my drive and the drive from which the firmware was taken are identical :stuck_out_tongue:

So I now have a PIODATA DVR-108DX. I have not tested bitsetting yet, but I am doing it soon! I’ll report back my results.

I have just written a DVD+R with my “new” drive, and I’m posting the scans. I haven’t saved the scan with the burner itself, which looks perfect - not even one slowdown. Instead, I have scanned the disk with my dirty bastard LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B. That drive is almost dead and completely refuses to read any recordable disk, regardless of the type (+R/RW or -R/RW), but has no trouble reading DVD-ROM disks. So I thought bitsetting a +R would help it. In fact it has, actually! The scan does not look perfect but you must consider that before the drive was even refusing to recognize a recordable disk!

I’m all confused! Where did you get the 1.18 f/w?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I was thinking that to enable bitsetting to dvd-rom, owners of pioneer 108 needed to flash to piodata f/w. The lastest piodata f/w is 1.14.
Am I missing something?

Latest Piodata is 1.18 too. There’s a recent post in the forum with the link.

LucyFer Try here

This has worked for me but how do I go about changing altering the bit setting? Nero CD/DVD speed crashes on me :frowning:

DVD+R SL and DL are automatically set to DVD-ROM with the firmware. There’s no need to set it manually.

I converted my DVR-108 to the Piodata easily. Just used DVRFlash 2.0 and the 1.10 kernel and firmware from Piodata. Then I upgraded to v1.18 with the Piodata upgrader. Now to find some good +R media for this drive and test out the bitsetting. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have checked this exact link yesterday before I posted and it was not there. But now it’s there. Good.

Another question: if my pioneer was flashed to Piodata 1.14 , can I only use the 1.18 piodata f/w or I need to use dvrflash?

My feeling tells me yes but I ask to be sure.

Thanks :slight_smile:

One of the coolest things about converting to Piodata for me was the ability to read a DVD+R (with bitsetting) at the full 8X CAV in an older laptop combo drive. Before it would read it at only 2X. So quite an improvement. :slight_smile: Great for data DVD disks.

Yes, this is a ROM-only feature. If you have two disks with the same data, the recordable one (-+R) will be read slower because of a stupid protection which tries to avoid recordables from exploding. This has been demonstrated to be useless as 1) high-speed CLV does not exist (most drives start reading a disk at 4x) and 2) ROM disks are as affected as recordables. There was a Kenwood which was able to read CD-ROMs at 72x using 2 lasers, and there are many reports of disks exploding around!

Actually, drives ussually read DVD recordables slower (though, the latest burners are starting to reach full speed with DVD recordables) then pressed DVDs because pressed DVDs have a higher reflectivity and are much easier to read. Burnt disks are ussually of much poorer quality, thus most manufacturers are quite pessimistic with their DVD-/+R speeds.

It has nothing to do with whether a disk will explode or not. Both pressed and recordable DVD-R’s use a polycarbonate structure that is stable at the same speeds (up to around 10000rpm)

I can not seem to locate the kernal file anymore in Flashman’s site for Piodata?