Please help firmware refuses to flash

i unfortunatly own a sony cdrw model crx185 its a rebadged liteon 32123s model mtkflash reads the existing sony firmware to a backup bin file perfectly it even flashes the backup firmware back to the drive correctly problem is if i try to flash a liteon firmware to it or even another sony firmware it refuses to do so and all i see on the screen instead of the writing counter going up to 100 it stays at 0 for each block and ends with “err: failed to write flash” can someone please help me? it would be great to be able to oc this drive but more importantly the sony firmware is crap it has awful media compatibility takes forever to recognize any type of cd and most of the time refuses to recognize disc that it burned (the discs work bc they work on an el cheapo cd reader and an acient 4x acer writer i have i cant even write a complete disc without error with ty media at 16x for christs sake and i have yet to successfully burn a single cdrw that didnt get ruined totally (couldnt be reformatted at all) no matter what speed i tried to burn it at all help and info u could supply would be greatly appreciated