Please help - dvs dvd

does anyone no if the dvs 16 x 48 DVD is supported by clone, i am unsure because in the Device Capabilities it says,

Digital Audio Data is accurate: No

my toshiba says yes rather than no, all other Capabilities look the same


Try it! Select the options ‘Read SubChannel Data Tracks’ and ‘Read SubChannel Audio Tracks’… If your DVD is supported CloneCD will start to read. If not it will give an error…

thanks i wll try it

Another note: above is only to test if your DVD can read SubChannel Data. If it can’t your DVD would, perhaps, still be able to do other things like read SafeDisc protected discs or just (ordinary ;)) non-protected discs.

Also test (if you have a SafeDisc protected game) if it will handle Fast Error Skip…