Please help, DVD wont recognize DVDs anymore



Well, i can get it to play original dvds, but not anyone i have backed up. Not even the ones on my DVR (the one connected to my DirecTV). I have a DRU-710A and it just started failing about 2 days ago. Help!!

I only get the “New DVD” message from Windows every time i insert a backup.


What for media you’re usin?
It depends on your standalone player or on your media, if it fails to read them.
Also it could be helpful to change booktype, if you’re usin +r media!


Im using Nero 6, updated the firmware and still have the problem.


And the media brand?
Do you’ve tried other brands?


Have you upgraded or added any software or drivers?
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling in device manager?
Have you tried deleting the primary and secondary ide in device manager and rebooting?