Please help! dvd rom problems- nero/wmp10

Hi all, am new here :slight_smile: My problem begins as so… i have been burning cds and dvds as well as watching them on my puter for bout 5 months. The other day, after burning a dvd the night before, i went to watch dvd in wmp 10, and got error message to change my display settings, which i did but it made no difference. Then i went 2 check graphics driver n its now up to date, still no difference. Im sure i have decoders/codecs present (unless they’ve somehow been damaged) as i have watched & burnt dvds for months. I’ve tried my wmp10 settings, no change. Whilst this has been happening ive still been able to burn and rip dvds no problems.
NOW- i attempted to update nero from a cd which prompted me to uninstall then re-install new version, which i did, but before it could finish installation it failed (due to out of date serial number) and left me without nero at all. I did a system restore to just before this happened, and it bought nero back but now it doesn’t work. It won’t burn anything, my drive speeds are much slower, show time wont work, nothing. It goes to burn, seems to get through encoding, but takes much longer, then gets to burning and always fails. I have reports if anyone can help!!! Please! I’m lost without my dvd player/burner. :sad:

if Nero was uninstalled system restore won’t bring it back - it ca bring back a lot of the elements of a program but that’s not it’s proper use. In the past i have been lucky and a program has worked by using system restore after an uninstall but that was luck. There’s so many directories and files, settings and reg entries that system restore won’t replace. As far as i see it your only options are to get a new version of Nero or find your old serial and see if you can download the old version of Nero that it worked with. If you don’t know the old serial it may be somewhere on your pc - in the reg maybe - and somebody here may help you in recovering it.

Thanks jj! :slight_smile: Have gone back and updated my nero suite. You were right, nero seemed 2 b missing quite a lot of files. HHave yet 2 reboot and test, but am more confident now it will work. I recently downloaded and removed a trial version mpeg2 en/decoder, could itb when this was removed it took my original mpeg2 codec with it?