Please help DVD+R? DVD-R?

I wanted to figure out how to put some files onto a disc so that i can watch them im my DVD player. Toshiba SD-231E.

I’ve had other movies done for me and they have used Datawrite Classic 8x DVD-R 4.7GB.

I cant seem to get hold of these CDs so i thought id buy some Tuffdisc DVD+R 16x eventhough i wernt sure exactly if they wud be different too the Datawrites, because i get some confused with all the different formats…

Anyway so basically i was wandering if i can put the files onto the tuffdisc. If not what would you recommend??

Hi Demonium, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find your Toshiba SD-231E on but I found an entry for SD230E which may or may not be similar.
(I’m not familiar with any of those models myself).

If your model has capabilities similar to the SD230E, then it will play both DVD-R and DVD+R media.

I don’t consider Datawrite or Tuffdisc to be particularly good media, so perhaps you would consider some other better media next time?!

You can take a look in this pollto see which brands of DVD media our members prefer, with the Top 3 being: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Plextor.


I hope your questions in this thread are not related to the downloaded movie mentioned in your Dirty Sanchez ISO? DVD+R? DVD-R? thread?!