Please help (dvd fab hd decryptor)

I am using dvd fab hd decrypter and I have burned movies before but now i cant. I was trying to burn windtalkers and it gives me read errors every time. Help! what are the common settings i should have?? and when i choose full disk, should i change the target to an iso or leave it…i need a guide or something cuz i dont know what to do…HELP PLEASE!

DVDFaa Platinum. I have wasted a day trying to find instructions for DVDFab Platinum and at best I have not found any that tells me how to burn. I have Platinum and copying is breeze but, not so breezey to burn. I have spent part of my day just trying different instructions and they all end up in disapointment. So, everyone that is having problems burning a dvd you shoul to the the DVDFab site and send a message to Support saying that you have had enough not being able to burn and tell them that if they don’t supply a step by step manuel then you want you money back for this piece of crap software. Then they may decide to put out easy instructions. A program is only as good as it’s performance and the only performance I’ve seen is Tap Dancing around the issue. So, everyone needs to complain.

hillguy do a little more work and less whining.

[QUOTE=tgidday;1918181]hillguy do a little more work and less whining.[/QUOTE]


You don’t have to look to far to find guides.

You will even find a bunch of guides here, all in pdf forum.


I was trying to burn windtalkers and it gives me read errors every time.

What’s the condition of the disk that you are trying to read?


The dvds are almost perfect…no scratches or nothing thats what i dont get…I just looked at the guides and changed the settings, when i open dvd fab when its reading the disk it says there is an error reading the disk…should i just put ignore all?

Are you using the latest version of DvDFab HD Decrypter or have you updated lately?

What are your settings?

Have you tried fresh install?


yes i have the latest version. I have all the settings like the guide says. Removes all protections. And i did a clean uninstall and reinstall of dvd dycryptor =(

we really need to know more about your process, looks like you are using the ripper only version (DVDFab HD Decrypter (Oct 10, 2007)) so from i know you can not burn with your current program. there are alot of variables between the original disc and a successful burn!:slight_smile:

you are getting read errors with fab? and the original disc are not scratched? is the disc a copy or a store bought disc? please change the read settings to 3 retries and 64 sectors. please tell us more about your rip/burn process and your computer system. hope to sort all this out.

thanks troy

maybe you should have just clicked here? i know that frustration can cause one to over look what is under his nose. we are here to help. if you still have questions feel free to post.

thanks troy

@ danielv , did you check in settings?
“Ignore all reading errors automatically”

Did i check what in settings?? Theres that option to ignore but do i check it?

i have mine set to 3 and 64 or as t0nee1 suggested you can use ignore all.

if i choose this option will it interfere with any parts of the movie or what?

not in my experience. i had to use this before on scrathed dvds and the copies turned out okay. however i have some really bad scratched dvds that just wouldnt copy. so i tried the ignore all read errors and it just sat there until i canceled the process. yours are not scratched so i dont think it should be a problem.


//edit can you give more information about the error message you are getting? also what is your plathplayer settings, try first always enable, if not work then use the disable option.

it says “ERROR WHILE READING! PLEASE CHOOSE WHAT DO TO RETRY ABORT IGNORE IGNORE ALL” i tried pathplayer on and off it both dont work

you got this message with ‘ignore all read errors’ selected in settings? does the read error occur at the end of the copy process? i would select ignore all.

no i didnt put ignore all error because i get the message while its reading the disk…it wont even read

so it read errors during blue analyzing disc box is running? open fab with out a disc in the drive and make settings changes. if fab does not ask you to restart the program do so anyways.

set pathplayer to disable and read errors to ignore all.

exactly…ok ill try that